Lefix cream Natural ache relief cream

Take control of ache and unpleasant feeling in muscles, bone sockets, back, and others. Lefix cream contains 30 beneficial and natural ingredients that go beyond to reduce ache and provide relieve within muscles and bone sockets.

The cream penetrates deep to the root and delivers the beneficial ingredients directly where need it most. The powerful formula of the cream contains arnica, magnesium oil, turmeric, calendula oil, and different essential oils.

Take control

Put self on a path to recovery with a formula and ingredients designed to help feel better every day and to improve mobility. The cream helps maintain better wellness and it is designed to work better over time. Think of this cream as a multivitamin delivered through skin.

One simple cream

Lefix cream contains 30 ingredients. Each ingredient is rich in essential vitamins and minerals and has great benefits for the body. could purchase each of the 30 ingredients separately but Lefix cream combines convenient use and beneficial properties with non- greasy texture and no unpleasant aroma.

Great for daily use

The cream contains many ingredients but it has a gentle formula. It is great to use every day or as often as needed. Use it after the shower to get the long term benefits of the natural ingredients.


Always apply the cream on dry, clean skin. Clean skin is essential for better absorption. Apply the cream liberally on the affected area and massage the cream until it is fully absorbed. Repeat 3-4 times per day, for an initial period of 4 to 7 days.

Price: €13.99


  • For back, muscle and bone sockets ache
  • Fragrance free
  • Contains no harsh ingredients
  • Moisturizing dry finish
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